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Monday, April 4, 2011

Who could possibly resist...

Kitten cuteness?!?!

kittens one

kittens two

kittens three

kittens four

kittens five

They are beyond annoyingly cute.  I just want to cuddle them all day long, but not only would the Mamas get mad, but I would die from my allergies.  It would be worth it, though.

Oh yes, very yes.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Toys!

Ohhhhhh happy day!
Not only did I get a wonderfully awesome and overdue massage this morning, but I finally had some time to play with my new toys!

What new toys, you might ask?


I played around with both today, and I think I am going to really enjoy using these in the future, especially when I try to finally get some "family" photos.  In case you haven't noticed, there are pretty much ZERO photos of all of us together.  It's either me and the girls, Rudy and the girls, or Rudy and me.

So, like I said, Yay toys!

Here are a few photos that I took today while playing around.

Sporting that 32 week belly, oh baby oh baby.

Oh look!  It's me and the girls!  Ha ha ha, Rudy was at work anyways.  I took a bunch of photos with the girls and then discovered afterwards that we were far off-center, and so Delaney was cut from most of the photos.  Sadness.  So this was the best photo.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why are cats dumb?

My cats are captains of the Hide-and-Seek squad.  Seriously.  They are absolutely determined to not keep the kittens in a nice, cozy box with soft, cozy blankets.  Instead, they want the kittens to live inside the mattress box frame to our old bed that also resides in the same room as they.  So tiny kittens are spread out between the slats, looking all cute but completely impractical for nursing.  Yesterday my husband and I spent almost two hours trying to locate a new hiding spot for the kittens.  In the end I found them, in the closet of the girls' room, behind a precarious pile of toy parts and a tiny shopping cart.  In the corner.  I should have taken a photo of it, because I ended up putting all the kittens in the shopping cart to move them back into their kittening box, and it was super cute.

And funny too, when I discovered one of the kittens had it's head stuck in the cart bottom.  Like a kid and a banister, except I didn't need any butter to get the kitten out.

Now, the kittens are back in the box frame again.  So annoying.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party: Join The Fun!

Hello everyone!  I'm Karly Gomez!
Me with camera

I'm a small town Northern girl living in the big city Southwest, raising a family and trying desperately not to melt under the scorching skies.  I'm an extremely amateur photographer, crafter, and oh yeah, blogger too!  I spend most of my time tinkering with electronic toys and playing with my girls as I live as a SAHM.  I'm from a small family with a huge extended family and I love to travel to see anyone and everyone I can.  I'm a former Airman, bartender and alcoholic, and a current preggo, lover of all things photography and kitten wrangler.

Hubby Supreme:
Rudy cowboy hat

Rudy and I have been married since July 25, 2009, and he is one helluva man.  Loyal, funny and super loving, there isn't a single person who hasn't liked him after meeting him.  He's a server and bartender and also a student working toward becoming an NP in an ER setting.  He's great under pressure and handles intense situations well.  He's also a great companion to my grandfather, who struggles with some form of dementia, and a great relief to my grandmother, who enjoys the distractions.  I may be the super independent type, but I would be completely lost without him.

Las Chicas:

Afton by pond

Afton Carrolena was born in December of 2008, and has been a hell-raising delight ever since.  OK, maybe not so delightful in her "terrible twos" stage, but she's still pretty cute.  She has Rudy's love for all things food, and my love for all things sugar, and a just general love to say Hello and wave at absolutely everyone she sees.

Delaney playing

Delaney Virginia was born in May of 2010 and is a total cuddle monster/love machine.  It's great.  She has just started walking and greatly enjoys chasing her sister around and rough-housing till someone (usually her!) cries.  She also has a love for food (thank God for that, I was made a picky eater), and will very literally scream her head off if she sees someone eating in front of her without sharing.  Otherwise, Delaney is a fairly quiet child carrying a loud smile.

Me with baby bump

Baby #3 is due this May, and scheduled to arrive exactly one week after Delaney turns One.  Aye yai yai!  Also a girl, her name will likely be Vivienne Selene, and we cannot wait to meet her.

My blog is about anything and everything; be it crazy things my girls do, my opinion on something I've witnessed, to photo challenges and personal endeavors.  I plan on doing so much more this coming year, including some super fun giveaways, so I hope you will take a moment to check me out and to say Hi!  I really look forward to meeting you and getting to know what is special and important to you!

Thank you for stopping by!

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