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Thursday, January 6, 2011

1:52 Hello.

Cynthia at Picture Motherhood is taking part in a 52 week challenge in which each week has a different theme consisting of one word and centered around self-portraits.  She is much farther along (by like...15 weeks or so), but I have decided to give it a try myself!

Of course, this blog is a lot about myself, but rarely do I get in-depth on me.  I'm always babbling on about how this kid annoyed me and how I wanted to kick a cat or eat a three-ton cheesecake.  While delightfully exciting, it doesn't say much about me.

So, to get started, we have Week One: Hello.

Me standing by a wall

This is me.  Karly Claire Gomez.  I am a short stack of 5'4", and 20 weeks along with Mystery Creature #3.  I love to draw and of course play around with my camera.  I used to be a member of the Air Force, and am a constant college dropout.  I spend my days trying to find inspiration in anything and everything and try very, very hard to not be a crazy, overbearing protective Mom.  I let my kids touch everything (within reason) and then put their hands in their mouth.  Germs are a good thing, I believe.

I never, never, never leave the house without makeup, and very rarely without having my hair in some form of "done"ness.  I've been this way since my early teens, when I used to steal Mom's makeup and put it on my face.  And arms, and neck and chest.  Yeah, I like to learn things the hard, messy way.  I strongly believe that if someone were to see me without my face and hair put together, they would assume me to be white trash, or poor; which although I may be both, I do my best to project the exact opposite image.

I care about eating healthy, but I have zero follow-through.  I love sugar and junk way too much, which is probably why I've had diabetes with Afton and Delaney and again now with Baby #3.  I love carbs and carbs hate me, but I don't care!

So what else is there to say about me?  What makes  A lot of things, that is certain.  And over the next 51 weeks you can discover more about just me.  Just Karly.  So word up my homies, and enjoy!

Me standing on stairs

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Captivus said...

Your header is freakin AWESOME!!!!! Love how you personalized it! :-) LOVE IT!

cynthia said...

Karly, I love, love this post. The first photo is just stunning (what an awesome wall and composition!) and the second one is so fun. I think it's great that you make a point to take time to put on make-up and do your hair before leaving the house. I've started doing that only recently and I'm actually starting to feel a whole lot better about myself. Can't wait to see what you come up with for next week.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

The header looks great! Glad your doing the 52 weeks of me. Here's my 52 weeks of me flickr group if you'd like to join: http:[email protected]/

Mandy said...

How fun!! I kinda wanted to do the 52 week thing but I'm so intimidated by it!! But you totally rocked this little selfie shoot!! Love it!

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