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Thursday, January 13, 2011

2/52 Books

I have always loved books.  I'm a great reader, too.  But I am one of the slowest readers out there.  I don't know how to skim or speed-read or anything of that nature.  I read every.single.word.  Back in 6th grade, I was placed in a lower English class because I couldn't read quickly, but the rest of my abilities were far more advanced.  I had a higher vocabulary, could spell difficult words with ease, and had a better understanding of grammar than my peers.  But none of that mattered because I couldn't read quickly.  It was lame.

While in high school I was introduced to the author James Clavell and his book Shogun.  I was instantly in love.  It took me almost four months to complete the novel, and when I discovered there were more books in what is called his Asian Saga, I was giddy with glee.  Tai-Pan is the second novel, and one of my favorites, in case you couldn't tell by the missing covers and torn pages.  I've read it many times over, just like Shogun. I read pretty much every night before bed, because it helps me clear my head and go to sleep far better than watching TV or just laying down and closing my eyes.

But now reading isn't just for me.  I have to pass the love to my kids too.  Rudy wants them to appreciate books the way I do, because he never learned to love books the same way as me.  So we do our best to read to them, and give them many books to look at and explore on their own.  The girls both love to just turn the pages and touch everything on them, the pictures and the words.  I love to watch it, and I love to read to them, even when they steal the book away after only a sentence or two.

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cynthia said...

Wow! Awesome self-portraits. You've really captured your "giddy"-ness and love for books in the 1st photo. Your eyes are smiling and I can't help but smile back. I think one of the best parts about being a mom is that I get a chance to reread my favorite children's books and discover some new ones along the way.

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