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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Look Back: 2010

2010 was something else.  We moved to Arizona, had a kid, moved THREE times and learned to live on next to nothing.  But it wasn't all bad.  Here are some photos to prove it.

Afton and I close up
In January, Afton and I were just chillin' in our apartment in Tempe.  Might I mention this was our second apartment in 30 days, because our first one flooded out during a nasty rainstorm.

Family photo by the pool
 February:  Out by the pool, grilling some goodies.  I'm about seven months pregnant here, and Afton is 14 months old.

Family toasting shots of tequila
March: Aunt Janine shows up and we have a GREAT time.  Shots, anyone?

Afton asleep in an awkward position
March:  Afton gets tired out easily with all the swimming and the attention from Grandma and Grandpa and everyone else who shows up to shower her with affection!

Afton fetching bean bags
April:  We spent a lot of time hanging out at the Sanctuary, drinking and playing games.  During this time our hot water heater was broken at the apartment (for over one month total time) and we stayed with Grandma quite a lot to taken advantage of hot showers and clean...everything!

Hanging out at Salt River

Hanging out super preggo at Salt River
April:  We also spent a lot of time by cold bodies of water, because it was HOT outside.  Our Northern raised bodies just aren't equipped for such warmth.  Oh wait, I'm also heavily pregnant.  That certainly has NOTHING to do with it.  Nothing at all!

Me making another signature face
April: Large and in-charge yo.

Grandpa, Afton and I before Delaney was born

Delaney at birth

Delaney at a few weeks old
 May:  Time for a new arrival; Delaney!  She was a scheduled C, and worth all the trouble she was (and still is!).

Delaney asleep on the couch

Afton drinking water from shot glasses
 June: Delaney turns one month old, and Afton learns to party like a pro.  All the young folks just loooooved her around the pool, and Afton loved the Afton-sized glasses to drink water from (ha!).

The girls and I chilling out on the couch

Afton falls into tub

Our car with a broken windshield
 July: I spend a lot of time with the babies, mostly trying to get my damn incision to heal (because it refuses!) and in July I discover the lump that sends Delaney on many trips to the Children's Hospital.  It's just a lymphatic cyst, but requires watching because of the potential for overwhelming infection.  This is also the time when the hood of the little green car decides to dislodge itself and ram into the windshield, shattering it.  Yay windshield!

Throwing Afton through the air and into the pool
August: Is freaking hot.  Like it's over 100 degrees at 9pm.  So we go swimming.  And chuck Afton all around the pool.  She looks terrified, but really she loves it.

Kittens relaxing on the bed

Afton splashing water and Delaney making funny faces in the tub
September: The new kitties are relaxing on the bed during laundry day.  They are sisters, and absolutely nuts. And Delaney is old enough to hold her own for sibling bathtime!  Or at least, I thought so...

Delaney posing with Grandma
September:  Delaney poses with Grandma for a super awesomely cute picture.

Delaney shows off new teeth
October:  Delaney is learning to be a good little model baby, showing off her new teeth.

Afton gets stuck in the bouncer
 November: Afton demonstrates how NOT to exist in harmony with a bouncer.

Afton turns two

Afton and Delaney playing in sand

The babies visiting Rudy in the hospital
December: Afton turns two, learns how to coexist with her sister on a playground and visits her Daddy in the hospital.

What a year, what a year.  Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us, since we're already expecting baby #3.  Ten more days until we know if baby is a girl or boy!

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Kayla Sue said...

Seems like you had a wonderful year! Those girls are beautiful! I love the one of them in the bathtub together, adorable!

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