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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shoot N Edit Week Two

We are not morning people.  We've never been morning people.  Even the girls are somehow not morning people (much to my endless delight).  So I don't really have anything to shoot that says good morning to me, because everyone and everything is a crank-butt in the morning.

So I will once again submit a different photo for this week's Shoot and Edit: Part I.

Here we have Afton, at the pond by GG's house.  That park is a lot of fun, and Afton really enjoyed throwing bread in the water, even though not a single duck came to eat.  Dumb ducks.
Afton by the pond

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Aaaaand, as an after-thought, I am going to include a few more photos that I edited using Ashley's tutorial from last week.  I lovelovelove the way they turned out.

Afton looking upward

Delaney from above

There are, of course, slight variations in the levels I used and other adjustments, but I used the same basic scheme Ashley laid out for her tutorial.  Oh!  I did also use a skin smoothing action on Afton's face to erase the large craters she has picked out of her skin on and below her nose (a habit she developed lately while sucking her thumb).  I just adore the way the girls' eyes stand out, I've been wanting to get their eyes to pop for so long now.

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Karly you are funny!

This is a GREAT SOOC!

Thanks for joining in again!


Kelly said...


Ashley Sisk said...

Very cute SOOC - your edits really pop.

Kathleen said...

Love those photos!! Adorable!!

Courtney said...

Look at those big eyes! Beautiful!

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