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Thursday, March 17, 2011


If I wasn't waiting on my stupid Farmville crops to mature, I'd be asleep already.  But then I came to discover that the whole game system is down, and now I'm even more upset because I'm awake for nothing!  Stupid Farmville.

You see and learn some very interesting and often sad things while living in the ghetto.  I'm sure by now some of you guys think I'm kidding when I refer to my area of residence as "the ghetto", but I am not kidding.  Today I was driving around and just a few blocks away from home there was a group of people on the street corners holding big, green signs asking for money.  They weren't asking for money because they were homeless or hungry like the typical corner-dweller, but they were asking for money for a funeral.

A funeral.

This is the second time I've seen people standing on corners asking for donations for a funeral, and in all honesty I had never really thought about it.  A funeral.  People die all the time.  Every second.  But what do you do when you barely have enough money to pay rent and electricity and food and now suddenly you have to pay for a funeral?  What happens to those people?

I'm serious here, what happens to those people?  If those who stood on corners didn't collect enough in donations, what happens to that poor deceased person?  It really made me sad to try to wrap my mind around the possibilities, and at the same time I wrestled with the thought that these people could be lying about a dead friend or relative just to get enough money to go have fun on St. Patty's Day.  People lie about everything these days.  I even once watched a new report on professional beggers, who collected enough money standing on street corners to buy houses!  And here I am, just trying to make ends meet the old fashioned way.

Maybe pride isn't terrible in such a circumstance.  Too much pride to do something so foolishly evil.  I definitely believed the first group of people petitioning for donations because they provided info on the deceased, even pictures.  It was traceable.  Those I saw today, however, had no such info.

Living in the ghetto is something else, indeed.

And now, because I don't want to end this post on a sad note, here are a few pictures of the girls.  Ha!

Delaney and Afton Cheesin

Delaney chewing on her fingers

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cynthia said...

Faking being too poor to pay for a funeral is so awful. I can't even phantom what would drive people to do that.

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