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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Kitten Explosion!

Our babies aren't babies anymore!  They're Mamas!

Mama cats and kittens

The excitement started on Saturday, very early morning.  I woke up to a weird howl from one of the cats, but I only heard it once, so I didn't think much of it and went back to sleep.  When I woke up again, I heard purring directly beneath my head and assumed it was just Fizzle hanging out under the bed like she usually does.  I go about my morning routine and begin to notice that the only cat making an appearance is Fizzle, and she is definitely acting jittery and weird.  I ignored it for awhile and then it really hit me that Spaz was nowhere to be seen.  Then it hits me, Holy crap, it has to be Spaz under the bed, which means kittens! (because Spaz doesn't hang out under the bed, ever)

I huffed and puffed and managed to move my nightstand and pull the bed away from the wall to uncover Spaz with four all-black kittens suckling away.  Oh, total cuteness indeed!  I grabbed the kittening box we had prepared in the third bedroom and moved them on out of my bedroom, which was, of course, now gross with cat birthing fluids and stuff.  Ew.

A few hours later when the girls and I came home from errands, I decided to go check on Spaz, only to discover that she had birthed a fifth kitten!  So Spaz became a Mama to five all-black kittens!

Rudy and I wondered how long it would be before Fizzle went into labor, and decided to take evasive measures like closing our bedroom door, ha, and all other doors to places we didn't want Fizzle to decide to give birth in.  Monday morning rolled around for some reason the bedroom door was open and a cat was meowing rather loudly IN MY FACE.  Not liking being woken so early in that manner, I shooed the cat away and closed the door.  Well, that didn't seem to help, because the cat kept on meowing.  Next thing I knew, I opened the door to BOTH cats meowing at me.  Spaz was in front and Fizzle behind.  They followed me as I filled up my water glass and all the way back to the bedroom, where I closed the door on them.

Uh, hello, this should have wrung a big, fat bell in my head, but I was absolutely exhausted from the Suns/Mavs game the night before and my soaring blood sugar was not helping either.  So I ignored them and went back to sleep.

After I got up and showered, I realized it was extremely quiet in the house.  Too quiet.  Rudy and I both quickly started searching the house for the cats, because the kittening box contained only Spaz's kittens and nothing else.  We found Spaz and Fizzle behind the couch, and when we moved the couch Fizzle was in the middle of birthing her fourth kitten!  It was crazy!  Spaz was helping with everything; from detaching the kitten from Fizzle and cleaning it, to suckling the other newborns.  Coolest thing I ever saw.

Nine super cute, healthy kittens.  Spaz: Five, Fizzle: Four.  All of Fizzle's kittens have some form of white on them, except one which is all white.

Nine new kittens

Here they all are, in the kittening box we made for them, before Spaz and Fizzle decided to move them into a super tall moving box that had wooden bedframe slats inside it.  We think they did that to keep the terrorist twins away.  I don't blame them!

In the meantime, I love to check in on them and pet them and love on the Mamas so they know they are good Mamas.  But my allergies are already killing me, which is sad.

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luvmyevyn said...

They're adorable!!! I wish I lived closer. I'd 'accidentally' find it and bring it home. If it wasn't for the boyfriend I'd be a crazy kid and cat lady.

cynthia said...

Amazing how animal instincts work during the birthing process. Congratulations to both mamas!

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