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Friday, March 4, 2011

My Real Face

I am obsessed with my skin.  I always have been.  When I was younger I was constantly complimented on how great my skin was; it was soft, smooth, had even tone and texture, and just generally was awesome.  Yes, I admit that I am pretty vain about how my skin used to look.

But, after all the alcohol and drugs and weight gain and kids, my skin has pretty much died.  And it's sad.  Every day I struggle with acne and dark scars and weird red patches on my skin.  It drives me crazy.

So I am going to document an experiment.  I sell Mary Kay, and when I started using the Time Wise Miracle Set I fell in love.  My skin finally started to respond and I was happy.  But for a few months I was out of product and out of money to get more, which turned me back into Sad Karly.  But no more!

Here is my list of products I will be using over the next month:
Mary Kay products and other cleansing items

1.  TimeWise Miracle Set
2.  Replenishing Serum +C
3.  Even Complexion Essence
4.  Even Complexion Mask
5.  Norwex Antibacterial Cloth
6.  AcneFree Terminator 10

Basically the process goes like this:
I cleanse with the Miracle Set 3-in-1 cleanser (for combo/oily skin).
If I'm having a breakout, I use the norwex cloth to gently cleanse the breakout area after using the cleanser.
Every three days I use the Even Complexion Mask at night.  When I'm not using the mask I go directly from cleansing to the Replenishing Serum +C.  It's meant to boost collagen production and infuse the skin with Vitamin C.  It smells awesome.
I follow the serum with the Even Complexion Essence.  The Even Complexion system is meant to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots/scars/etc.  I am super psyched about the Even Complexion system.
Now, if I'm having a bad breakout, I will use some of the Terminator, but very very sparingly because it dries the hell out of my skin and I hate flaky, dry skin.
Depending on the time of day, I will then use the Day Solution or Night Solution from the Miracle Set.  The Day Solution provides SPF protection and the Night Solution contains peptides to help rejuvenate and heal the skin.
Finally, at the very end of this seemingly forever-long process, I use the Miracle Set moisturizer for combo/oily skin.

Sure, I can tell you everything I am doing and what I think is happening with my skin, but the best way to see the results is to take a damn picture.  Ahhhh!  A completely un-retouched photo of my face...without makeup! Scary.

So here we go: Day One
Unretouched photo of my face without makeup

My chin is my biggest combat zone.  I will get you, chin!
And I wish there was a product that could make the ugly, gruesome vein in my forehead disappear.  I blame stress, and kids, for its appearance, ha ha ha.

OK!  Next week I will post an updated photo, and we will see if a difference begins to take shape.

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