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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I am amused at the moment, because I am lying in bed with my legs propped up under piles of comforter and my computer sits perfectly against my legs and between them and my giant stomach, and my giant stomach makes a great spot to use my usb mouse.

My kid is already useful, who knew?

Today I had a fetal fibronectin test to hopefully determine that I am in no way going into preterm labor.  I have also been cleared to take Motrin for a few weeks too, which is happiness to my poor, pained body.  I did, however, finally submit to taking the 3-hour glucose test, and will do so next Friday, when I have another ultrasound to determine if my uterine size is due to an overly large child or an overabundance of amniotic fluid.  I had the same problem with Delaney, and suddenly I went from having a normal-sized-for-the-week uterus to a 40-week uterus at about 32 weeks.  It can potentially cause a lot of problems, so if it's discovered I am sure I will be ordered to weekly ultrasounds and bi-weekly non-stress tests.  I can tell that my diabetes is getting out-of-hand now because of my weak eyesight, extensive swelling, extreme thirst, rapid weight gain and the ensuing rib pain from the rapid uterine expansion.  Stupid rib.  It probably wouldn't hurt so much if it didn't get hit with a full, drive-by beer bottle and shatter into pained doom so many years ago.

If everything manages to stay stable, I will have my C-Section on the 21st of May, one day before my grandma's birthday, and one week after Delaney turns one.  Pretty flippin' crazy.  Rudy strongly believes that the baby will be born in April; he's even dreamed about it.  I try to not believe it will happen, but my husband has this weird ability to dream about things and then they happen.  He is the only psychic in the entire world I actually believe, ha.

So, uh, that's all that's going on with me.  Just trying to stay above the pain.  At least I'm finally no longer sick!

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Trista said...

did you know that May 21st is Dion's due date? granted there's no way she'll make it to that but still kinda crazy. My guess for her is April 21st... for you I'll say May 6th!

Hey maybe we can visit you guys when we go to visit them!

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