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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why are cats dumb?

My cats are captains of the Hide-and-Seek squad.  Seriously.  They are absolutely determined to not keep the kittens in a nice, cozy box with soft, cozy blankets.  Instead, they want the kittens to live inside the mattress box frame to our old bed that also resides in the same room as they.  So tiny kittens are spread out between the slats, looking all cute but completely impractical for nursing.  Yesterday my husband and I spent almost two hours trying to locate a new hiding spot for the kittens.  In the end I found them, in the closet of the girls' room, behind a precarious pile of toy parts and a tiny shopping cart.  In the corner.  I should have taken a photo of it, because I ended up putting all the kittens in the shopping cart to move them back into their kittening box, and it was super cute.

And funny too, when I discovered one of the kittens had it's head stuck in the cart bottom.  Like a kid and a banister, except I didn't need any butter to get the kitten out.

Now, the kittens are back in the box frame again.  So annoying.

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Annabeaninc said...

Hahaha great post. I love my cats but I will admit sometimes they do really really silly things. When my cat was a kitten he used to hide himself inside of the plastic cardboard wrap of water bottle containers.

I'm stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party and I've just become a follower of your blog. I'd love for you to follow back as well!

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