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Friday, May 20, 2011

Who is it?!

As the champion of illness this pregnancy, it comes as no surprise that I once again fell victim to that menacing curse of vomiting and diarrhea.  And being that I was so gigantic and swollen and already miserable, it also comes as no surprise that I had to exist as a dead person because I could barely function, let alone maintain continence.

Did ya catch the past tense in the above sentence?

Technically, I am supposed to have a c-section tomorrow to deliver Vivienne.  And for awhile I was nervous that it would be pushed back because I was so sick.  On Monday I had to visit OB/Triage to get rehydrated and given IV zofran so I would stop throwing up.  Besides being sick, everything looked great.  Vivienne was just hanging out in the uterus doing her thang, and though I was having ten bazillion contractions, my cervix of steel was still solid.  No biggie, man.

So I go home and rest and on Tuesday I have my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment.  I was having contractions on the way to the appointment, and they hurt a little bit, but I just attributed it to still being dehydrated, so when asked if I wanted my cervix checked I declined, as it was deemed solid just 12 hours earlier.  Apparently I am retarded.  I go home, and since I'm still so tired from lack of real food and liquid, I lay down to rest for awhile.  Rudy leaves to hit some golf balls, and I swear that almost immediately after he left the contractions really kicked in.

Again, thinking they were related to dehydration, I start chugging some water and go to the bathroom to relieve some pressure.  Not helping.  I lay down and try to breathe through the pain, but that is quickly failing. The pain is awful, and it stems from my c-section scar and seems to slice straight through to my back.  Still in denial, I continue to lay in bed and try not to die.  That doesn't last long, though.  Soon I'm pretty much yelling, screaming, swearing and crying and I finally send Rudy a text to get his ass home NOW!  He calls me, asking me what's up and I can barely even speak, so I just cry and tell him to hurry.

Back to OB/Triage we go, and we quickly discover that I am, in fact, in labor, and almost 5cm dilated already.  Shock of a freaking lifetime!  I honestly could not believe it, even with all the pain.  And I was the loudest damn person on the floor, too.  I wasn't holding back, didn't know how to hold back!  I think I may have even scared my doctor when he came to talk to me and asked if I wanted to try vaginal rather than do the c-section.  I probably would have punched him if I wasn't holding onto the bed for dear life and spewing expletives in every direction.

It took less than two hours from the time Rudy and I left our home for me to be prepped and put into surgery and Vivienne delivered!

This time it only took one attempt to get the spinal in (yay!) and I learned that it's definitely my hubby's fault I got pregnant, because my left fallopian tube has been completely destroyed by adhesions and scar tissue.  Crushed.  My right tube seems to be fine, though, so I do still have a chance for more kids in the future (ha ha ha...ha ha ha...).

I'm definitely done for now, though.

So, let me introduce Vivienne Selene Gomez!
Born May 17, 2011; 1737
8lbs. 0oz.; 20 inches long

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Kelly said...

Oh wow!!!! She is so beautiful! Congrats to you and your family. I can't wait to see more pics.

Tara said...

So happy for you, Rudy and the girls! She is nothing short of perfection!


I Am Not Superwoman said...

I am a little late on the congrats. She is beautiful! Glad you are feeling better too. Have a great week!

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