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Monday, June 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1.  Long Exposure
I have always loved nighttime light-capture long exposures.  With my old point-n-shoots, it was extremely difficult to even attempt a light-capture, but I had a blast with my new pal: D3000.

So I drew you all a boat.

Light Sailboat

2. Shapes
For this I chose to use an old clock that I got from my paternal grandparents after they passed away.  It is one of my most favorite decorative pieces, but needs repairing in order to tell time again.  Sad face.

Sundial Clock

3.  Green
Living in the desert South has allowed me the pleasure of enjoying succulents.  They are weird plants that are great at storing water in arid climates.  A lot of them look waxy or fake, or like cactus.  I have a large, hanging basket of succulents on my patio, as well as a small planter in my kitchen window.


4.  Fruit
I went to the store just yesterday and bought a huge bounty of fruit for Rudy and the kids, as I am not a big fan of most fruits (sad, I know).  Mangoes, apricots, plums, peaches bananas and grapes.  Of course, Rudy ate about 90% of them last night.

Fresh Fruit

5.  Childhood Memory
Ah, childhood.  So many things I can remember simply by looking at my own kids.  The biggest memory right now, though, is of stuffed animals.  I had tons of stuffed animals.  Loved them.  I collected them, diapered them and played tea party with them.  I slept with them and adorned my bed with my favorites.  And I saved them, and gave them to my kids.

Stuffed Animals

I implore you all to check out the interpretations of other bloggers.  They have great things to share!

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Ashley Sisk said...

I love the entire set - your lighting is so wonderful. Makes each shot shine!

Jessica said...

I love all of your interpretations! Every one of these shots is excellent! Wonderful lighting.

maren said...

You do fabulous work! Love it! I'm hopping over (late) from the Sunday Scavenger Hunt. Love your style! I'm now following! :) Maren @

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