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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I was feeling spunky today, so I whipped out the camera during naptime and took some self-portraits and some photos of Vivienne.

Me 2

Vivienne 6

Vivienne 7

Vivienne 8

Me 3

I really feel like I am developing a bit of a groove with my photography and workflow and I think it may be time to try some new things, even if they end up going terribly, terribly wrong!

That is, of course, if I can find some time to try anything at all, because these girls, cats and hubby sure do keep me busy.

On that note, can anyone help me figure out why my blog is scrolling so slowly now?  It never used to stall, but now it's driving me crazy and I'm sure it bothers you guys trying to read!  I don't want to turn you all off with a crappy-loading page.

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Kelly said...

Great pics! Your blog is scrolling fine for me, but I notice mine goes slow sometimes too. Weird.

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful shots - you're definitely hitting a stride which usually means time for a new challenge. You're scrolling fine for me too. Are you in IE or Firefox? my husband says that mine scrolls bad in IE but he thinks it's blogger's crap templates.

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