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Monday, July 4, 2011

WiCPP: 1

It's been pretty crazy round these parts, and I am sorry for neglecting you all! Please forgive me?

So, to start things off, let's take a look at the last cell phone pics!

1.  Delaney got into the cupboards in the kitchen and sliced her finger on the food processor, but I didn't know about it until she covered most everything in the kitchen with her blood.  She never cried, what a trouper.
2.  Afton put herself down for a nap and Spaz decided to join her, along with Fizzle's kittens:Woolite and Mr. Bingley.
3.  Vivienne and I looking super special.
4.  Smoking billowing from the SRP transformer fire right behind my grandparents condo.  You could see the smoke from over 40 miles away.

1.  Me thinking I look pretty cute on my birthday before going shopping with Grandma.
2.  A tiny praying mantis on my screen door that I just couldn't resist getting a pic of, since I've only ever seen one before this.
3.  The girls being silly on the floor in matching fish shirts.
4.  Rudy and the girls watching some Spongebob.

Pretty exciting, huh?

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