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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WiCPP: 2


1. Afton decided to slather Delaney completely in lotion.
2. Storm clouds rolling in.
3. Epic dust storm right outside my door!
4. Batch 2 of homemade tomato soup (recipe to follow in separate post).


1. Afton posing for me, showing off the tiny braids I put in her hair.
2. 1st draft of a new necklace I made.
3. I kept looking over at the couch thinking a cat was there, but it was just an Xbox remote.
4. Rudy having some fun with Vivienne in our bed.


1. Afton and Delaney climbed on the dresser and it fell over. Very scary.
2. Afton finally decides to take a nap after the dresser incident, in a very random spot.
3. Delaney has incurred damage from the dresser incident, ouch.

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Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Oh I would have had a heart attack about the dresser incident lol and the xbox controller does look like a cat, I would have never guessed had you not said that lol! Btw I'm a new follower and I just wanted to say that your little girls are so cute! :)

Oh Jazmyn

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